Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social, and Governance

In an increasingly interconnected world, in which individual actions have a direct impact on global development and welfare, we cannot ignore the environmental and societal challenges that our society is facing.

The success of companies depends on their capacity to face these challenges, to be resilient to changes and to become an active agent of the transition that the world needs.

Aware of these challenges and of the high speed at which they evolve, AccorInvest must assume its responsibility as hotel investor, owner, and operator by developing its activity in a responsible manner. 

Through the ESG strategy, AccorInvest materializes its ambition and defines a specific roadmap that includes all its collaborators.

AccorInvest aims to be the reference in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance through all our actions. Therefore, I invite everyone to take the time to read this ESG policy, to make it yours, and to contribute to AccorInvest ambitions.

ACTING AS A RESPONSIBLE GROUP AccorInvest aspires to demonstrate high standards of ethical behaviour and transparency while promoting responsible relations with all its business partners. More info
Respecting people and the environment AccorInvest strives to operate its business in a sustainable manner, by fostering employees’ development and welfare, and by constantly reducing its environmental footprint. More info
Delivering positive hospitality AccorInvest aspires to deliver an outstanding client experience and to contribute to local economic development, while being an actor of tomorrow’s sustainable city, by connecting with the communities and enhancing their wellbeing. More info



Setting standards for tor robust governance in the Group.
The Group has established a world-wide ESG governance structure to ensure that the group’s objectives and principles are respected and applied throughout the whole organization.
The governance structure aims at ensuring the alignment of the ESG strategy with the Group’s global strategy, at adapting the global ESG principles to the local contexts, and at serving investors relations.

To ensure the proper functioning of the governance bodies a set of governance rules has been defined. Thus, our ESG commitments are monitored, measured, and represented throughout the organisation, through three main governance bodies:
An ESG Committee at Board level
A strategy deployment steering committee made up of four members of the Executive Committee and the CEO of AccorInvest
Representatives of AccorInvest’s main business lines

Compliance & Ethics

Ensuring compliance and demonstrating transparent and ethical conduct in all our operations.
Complying with regulation is essential for achieving the group’s ambitions, this challenge becomes more and more relevant since laws and regulations for private companies are constantly tightening. In this regard, AccorInvest is committed to complying with all laws that apply to its activity and expects all its collaborators to act accordingly.
It should be noted that AccorInvest’s commitments go beyond compliance by setting robust standards of ethics and transparency. Through the Group Ethical Charter, AccorInvest aims at guiding its collaborators through shared ethical principles. These principles must be respected by all AccorInvest employees and business partners.

Responsible investments

Investing in a socially responsible manner, by integrating ESG criteria in the investment process.
ESG criteria needs to be considered from the investment phase to ensure the group’s decisions are aligned with its ESG values. Furthermore, this approach may offer a better response to the increasing ESG regulations, to the growing costs of resources, and it may allow to manage risks from a wider approach. Additionally, ESG performant assets are key for achieving hotels operational excellence.
In this regard, AccorInvest is committed to evaluating ESG asset performance and to integrating ESG criteria for making the best investment decisions. This includes new constructions, acquisitions, and renovations.
To support asset managers and decision-makers in this process, AccorInvest has developed an ESG evaluation tool.

Sustainable supply chain

Managing AI’s supply chain by monitoring ESG risks and disseminating good practices throughout the value chain.
The Group is aware that, to achieve its sustainability commitments, the impacts generated throughout the whole value chain cannot be ignored.
To ensure that AccorInvest ESG standards are also respected in the purchasing process, whether this process is carried out directly by the Group employees or the hotel Manager, the group relies on a Responsible Procurement Charter that sets out the ESG principles that must guide the purchasing process.

These principles are developed around for key topics:
• Compliance & ethics
• Environment
• Human Rights
• Health & Safety

The Responsible Procurement Charter must be respected by all the employees of the group involved in the procurement process and by all AccorInvest suppliers, including the hotel manager.


Respecting people and the environment

Respect to our employees

The group aspires to co-create with its employees a working environment where their rights are respected, where innovation and entrepreneurship are key values and where there are no limits for career development. We have defined four main action lines to accomplish this:

  • Attracting, retaining engaged talent, and encouraging employee development by integrating new tools and offering individual career development programs that may allow collaborators to continue growing professionally and personally all along their journey in AccorInvest.
  • Ensuring diversity and inclusion by guaranteeing equal opportunities since the recruitment phase and a working culture respectful of everyone’s rights.
  • Ensuring health and safety for all our employees and promoting well-being at work by taking into consideration employees’ concerns and requirements for defining the group policies and actions.
  • Increasing employees’ ESG engagement and create an ESG culture by training all employees on ESG challenges, by involving collaborators of all areas in ESG projects and by sharing the latest ESG updates to ensure sustainability is embedded in the organization.

AccorInvest values regarding labour relations and social dialogue are described in the group Social Charter.

Environment ​​​​​​​and climate protection

Preserving the environment is one of the major challenges’ society is facing. Coordinated action must be developed to ensure we limit pressure on resources, we reduce global emissions, and we manage the tons of waste produced daily. Aware of these challenges, AccorInvest is committed to reducing the impact on the environment in all its activities through four main commitments:

  • Reducing AccorInvest carbon footprint and fostering adaptation to climate change, by defining an ambitious carbon strategy including all the activities the Group develops
  • Implementing a global environmental management system that allows systemizing hotel certification to ensure the higher operational standards are implemented at AccorInvest premises.
  • Promoting circular economy practices to build, renovate and operate hotels in an innovative and more responsible manner notably by creating flexible concepts that allow the reemployment of products and materials and by reducing, reusing, and recycling building waste.
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity near our hotels.

These commitments are described in more detail in the Environmental Policy.


Delivering positive hospitality

Sustainable client experience

Guests are at the centre of AccorInvest concerns. The group is committed to creating and operating hotels where everyone feels welcome and safe. Four action lines have been defined to achieve this objective:

  • Ensuring guest care and comfort by respecting the highest health, safety, and ergonomics standards. Notably by ensuring indoor air quality, acoustic comfort, optimized visual conditions and thermal comfort.
  • Fostering innovation for improving guests’ well-being through two main action lines: hotel’s digitalization and biophilia initiatives.
  • Improving the accessibility of the hotels to ensure, not only that there are no barriers for anyone, but also the best welcome to everyone.
  • Proposing a sustainable and local food offer, when possible, to guarantee guests’ health and well-being.


Local social impact

AccorInvest strives to become a key agent in the communities in which it operates by:

  • Favouring local employment to contribute to the well-being of communities and the local economy.
  • Engaging with local projects and associations to address community specific needs and promote community involvement.
  • Fostering flexibility and innovation to create multi-functional hotel spaces and services which may benefit both guests and local populations. AccorInvest is convinced that hotels can be much more than just accommodation

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