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All too often hospitality is still not synonymous with accessibility and for wheelchair users in particular. This is something that Pierre and Myriam have seen for themselves since he has been in a wheelchair with her by his side to assist. They have decided to go on a world tour with a mission, Wheeled World… And they have chosen AccorInvest as their partner to get things changed! Introduction.


Life was never the same again for Pierre and his companion Myriam after the night of November 13th 2015. Wounded during the attack on the Bataclan concert hall, Pierre is now paraplegic and uses a wheelchair to get around. But their passion for travel remains unchanged. Pierre’s wheelchair does not prevent them from travelling but it has raised their awareness. ″During our different trips it is rare for us to come across people with reduced mobility … and we understand why! Apart from the obvious physical limitations, there are numerous psychological limitations to travelling with a wheelchair such as the difficulty in planning ahead due to the lack of information on accessibility, the fear of running into problems once there or the frustration when places are not accessible″. This observation led them to create their association project, Wheeled World.


Open the field of possibilities together

Their objective is to overcome these physical and psychological limitations which confront people with disabilities so that everyone can have the chance to enjoy outstanding experiences. In what way? By undertaking a project taking them around the world and recounting their adventures on their travel blog. ″On this blog you will find videos, articles and practical advice on travel (for everyone) as well as on handicapped travel″, explain Pierre and Myriam. ″They reflect our experience and we hope they will be sufficiently enlightening to make you want to follow our adventures and to live them for yourselves!″
In September 2019, the couple set out on a world tour in four stages covering four continents: South America, Oceania, Africa and Asia. ″Not necessarily known for being accessible, these are destinations that will make our readers dream and make them want to follow us, both literally and figuratively, we hope. ″


The aims of our partnership

To support their project, Pierre and Myriam found themselves partners who share their ambition of making travel and adventure possible and accessible to everyone. AccorInvest is one of them. The partnership will help to improve the reception and care of customers with reduced mobility and to assist our hotels with their disability initiatives. To this end, Pierre and Myriam are going to meet us, and notably some of our hotel managers, to understand our approach to accessibility, with the constraints and opportunities that it entails. We have foreseen three areas of cooperation: assistance with some of our construction and/or refurbishment projects (review of plans, site visits), testing the experience of customers with reduced mobility in the hotel (visits, equipment testing, etc.) and the promotion of our accessible hotels and our disability initiatives (content on their blog, favourite reviews).

Pierre and Myriam are currently in Latin America. Follow them on their blog! Their program takes in Perito Moreno, El Calafate, Cuzco, Ushuaïa, Parati and Titicaca… a paradise for hikers looking for peace and quiet. ″For someone in a wheelchair, paradise can very quickly turn into a source of anxiety;miles of earth and stones, gravel tracks (not easy in a wheelchair!), nobody for miles around in the event of a problem, minimal or sometimes non-existant infrastructures, endless distances to cover… ″ See you in December to find out more about the adventures of Pierre and Myriam and our partnership!

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