Renovation / News Thalassa Le Touquet Resort: an exceptional place opens its doors

On completion of building work begun in early 2018, the ibis-Novotel complex at Le Touquet re-opened in its entirety on 27 September. Not only has the refurbishment resulted in modernised hotel and wellness amenities for customers, it has also improved several features of the employees’ work environment.

Not far from Paris, and within easy reach of guests coming from Britain, Belgium and Holland, the ibis-Novotel du Touquet is a gem of the local architectural heritage and has always been a favourite with our most loyal customers. But as a result of ageing its huge potential was no longer being fully exploited and it was decided to undertake major renovation work with a firm architectural commitment, as described by Cédric Durand, Chief Operating Officer for AccorInvest France and Southern Europe. ″The building is part of the history of the town’s urban development. So we were firmly committed to preserving the original spirit. To do this the facades have been designed to give a harmonious look to the hotel as a whole and integrate it into its natural environment.″ AccorInvest entrusted the mission to Toma Dryjski of the architectural firm DVVD. Inspired by the paintings of the renowned French painter of Russian origin Nicolas de Staël, his sole objective was to make the seaview the focus of attention and make the most of its sensory appeal.
Inside, the different areas – restaurants, rooms, thalasso, spa and fitness spaces – have been redesigned to make the customer pathways more fluid and to bring an overall well-being experience. The site at Le Touquet is now the flagship of our partner Accor’s Thalassa Sea & Spa brand and the first to offer its new Active Break concept which aims to give customers a totally personalised stay focusing on their expectations.


Team synergy

The new offering can be seen in the renewed treatment and physical activity areas which include two seawater massage rooms, a cryotherapy room, a twin treatment room and a marine experience pool. These facilities are bound to make the establishment a reference in the thalasso and spa sector and attract a wider and younger clientele.
The refurbishment and repositioning of the hotel complex brought many changes for the personnel and the alterations to the catering facilities are a good example of this. ″The kitchens now open onto the restaurants and this has led to a completely different way of working. The employees of the two hotels have managed to take up the challenge of working in full view of the customers, something which is not at all easy″, explains Claire Bartholus, Managing Director of Thalassa Sea & Spa Le Touquet.
The site’s new resort look, with its single lobby shared by the different establishments, has resulted in stronger ties among the teams at the reception desk where each member of staff must be able to welcome customers and help them find their way within the hotel complex. ″They had to leave their usual workplaces to work elsewhere and also discover new places, duties and people and as a result a real synergy was created!
Of course, there were some teething troubles needing attention as a result of all the new markers to be assimilated. The participation and proximity of Stéphanie Philippon, Asset Manager at AccorInvest, turned out to be very valuable!


Focus on the staff areas

AccorInvest was committed to systematically integrating personnel areas into its refurbishment projects. At Le Touquet this meant renovating the changing rooms and creating three relaxation areas. With their modern decor, coffee machines, televisions and even a piano, these spaces mean staff can take a break, read or listen to music in peaceful surroundings.
The improvements also apply to the working conditions″, emphasises Claire Bartholus. ″Deliveries to ibis and to the Institute are now made using external goods lifts. The cleaning teams working on each floor have been provided with motorised trolleys.″ And for the technical services, access to control valves has been made easier.
The personnel responsible for implementing the Active Break concept has not been forgotten. For example, the height of the bathtub used for the marine detox treatment can be adapted to encourage good posture…
Asked to give an overview of the whole project, Stéphanie Philippon is enthusiastic. ″This is a major refurbishment. The site at Le Touquet boasts an exceptional location, right on the beach. Today it has a new look with a single entrance and lobby giving access to the whole site, specially designed spaces and, best of all, the view of the sea. »

Add to that teams who are fully motivated and you have the recipe for great success in the future!


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