Construction / News The Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles, where “adventure” is a way of life

Following two years of construction, the Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles, designed by the renowned architect J-M. Willmotte, opened on January 15. It stands adjacent to the Paris Expo center in Porte de Versailles and is now the new Novotel flagship.

Its 245 rooms, including 24 suites and junior suites, invite guests on a journey of adventure. The teams’ ethos is that “The adventure is adventure. Adventure resonates not just in the design of our hotel, it’s a real way of life.”

An adventure in human terms

For the hotel team, the Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles adventure began several months before the opening. To recruit new employees and completely immerse them in the hotel mindset, the hotel management team criss-crossed Paris to meet their future employees. The first stage in their publicity and recruitment drive involved them erecting their teepee, the symbol of the hotel, in various iconic locations around the capital.
This was their way of recruiting applicants to take part in equally unusual recruitment afterwork events, such as an escape game, interactive workshops, a DJ Set etc., where the prizes up for grabs were winning tickets offering the chance to get the job without going through an interview process. A method of recruitment based on the human aspect, where the CV stays at home.

An invitation to travel

The hotel is a real invitation to travel and escape from it all.
A safari-style bivouac tent sets the scene the moment you enter the hotel. The trip continues as you peruse the Cabinet of Curiosities, with its collection of souvenirs from remote travels. We enjoy an immediate sense of just letting go, amid the exotic vegetation, terracotta pots, wooden chests and banana wood decor.

In every room, artworks depicting wild African landscapes serve as headboards. Each of them has been carefully designed for relaxing and escaping from it all, with lots of equipment such as yoga mats, a 65-inch TV and unlimited access to digital newspapers, books and magazines.
The concept is taken even further in the suites, with a bedside “Morphée” device to aid meditation and promote a good night’s sleep, an automatic tea-maker, including herbal teas, a terrarium, wall-mounted plant displays, a Marshall speaker, an essential oil diffuser for scented water in the shower, a beauty products goody bag, a fitness kit, and more. We’ve thought of everything for a complete guest experience focused on wellness and letting go, after the hustle and bustle of the trade shows just minutes away.
The Suites have been specially designed for the Novotel Paris Porte de Versailles, standing like a private observation point overlooking the city, with the emphasis on elegance and travel: ethnic artefacts, a crafted leather armchair, woven cushions and, as the star attraction, a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower through a floor-to-ceiling window.

A contemporary, artistic venue

At the entrance to the hotel, you’ll find the new creation by Jean Nouvel: a never-before-seen means of communication, made up of suspended illuminated tabs, announcing the latest trade show in progress in Pavilion 6 at Paris Expo. The creation, which can be seen from the Paris ring road, rises up or drops down to match the timing of the trade shows.
“The beautiful dreamer” sculpture by Arne Quinze stands in pride of place in front of the hotel, reminding us of the urge to capture the beauty of nature and reintroduce it to cities.

A culinary experience

The restaurant is your invitation to the South of France: the menu resonates with Provençal influences, featuring fresh, local and seasonal produce. The choice dishes on offer are healthy and inspirational.
The hotel rooftop and fitness center will both open in September. The rooftop will provide an unconventional setting and unique experience; while the spacious fitness center will offer panoramic views.

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