Construction / News The JO&JOE Paris-Gentilly construction site in figures and images

JO&JOE Paris-Gentilly was inaugurated on 18 April.

A good time to look back at the impressive construction site overseen by AccorInvest’s teams.

Located 500 meters from the Sacré-Cœur de Gentilly church, the building blends in perfectly with its surroundings despite its height. The facades are covered with iridescent aluminium paneling which absorbs the light and transforms it into a veil of colours that changes according to the brightness: golden during the day and tinged with blue at nightfall. But under this outer shell is hidden all the originality and innovative character of the new open house built under the responsibility of Olivier Delgrange, Project Manager at DCP AccorInvest.

A wooden superstructure

The design of the open house JO&JOE Gentilly was conducted by architectural firm Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés. Mounted on a low carbon concrete base composed of a ground floor and a basement level, the framework of the 7 storey building is in CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) solid wood. This material is used for dry build construction, that is, without using water. In addition, this type of construction has less impact on its environment, notably in terms of noise. Another long term advantage is that wood, a bio-based and recyclable material, helps to reduce carbon emissions by capturing rather than releasing them, and provides thermal insulation 15 times more efficient than concrete! The structure of the building is essentially composed of CLT panels of varying thickness (140 mm for the walls and up to 240 mm for some of the floors), wooden beams and posts. This building kit was assembled between mid -April and the end of August 2018.

Low-carbon building label

This superstructure in cross laminated timber is obviously an asset in the challenge that AccorInvest has set itself of building the first hotel with the BBCA label which certifies a building’s exemplary carbon footprint. To obtain it, AccorInvest had to design a construction project in compliance with the label’s four criteria: sustainable construction, controlled operation, carbon capture and storage and the circular Economy.

Controlled operation

Everything has been designed to make the activity in this hotel as exemplary as possible in terms of energy efficiency and respect for the environment: geothermal heating, rain water collection for use in toilets and for garden watering, an elevator with energy regeneration technology, etc.
On the ground floor, an indoor garden on the same level has also been installed and ten fruit trees, including apple, cherry, pear and medlar trees have been planted there. The building’s rooftops are also partially planted. Last of all, on the top storey, the planted terraces feature a kitchen garden. The aim is to enhance biodiversity with a small food-crop production.


This project was AccorInvest’s opportunity to adapt and implement the construction processes which demonstrate that the energy transition is now an accessible reality. And that’s just the beginning! As John Ozinga, CEO of AccorInvest, remarked during the project’s presentation, “the construction of this first JO&JOE hotel in Paris is an essential step towards making our buildings carbon neutral. As a hotel investor and owner, our objective is to construct and operate our buildings sustainably, so we can reduce their carbon footprint throughout their lifecycle.” With this project AccorInvest positions itself as a pioneer in the industry, as well as enabling the BBCA association to extend its label to the hotel sector.


Want to learn more about this monumental construction project? A drone filmed the progress of the work. Discover the video!

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