Digital / News Feedback : 5 months to create a new Information System based on the Microsoft Cloud and Office 365!

AccorInvest entrusts Infeeny with its information system transformation project

By equipping itself with a Microsoft Cloud environment built and implemented by Infeeny, Accorinvest was able, in just 5 months to:
• create an agile and secure information system that is perfectly adapted to its business needs;
• Increase agility to develop digital services with a new approach that puts the employee at the heart of the strategies.

AccorInvest, which exited the Accor Group in May 2018, had to quickly set up its own IS. This major IT project was an opportunity for the company to imagine its “ideal” digital environment, capable of serving its activities and focused on the latest technologies. The group chose Infeeny and Econocom to support it in the design, implementation and continuous evolution of its new Microsoft Azure cloud-based information system and Office 365.

The desire for a service-oriented environment

Placing the need of the employee at the heart of the design seemed essential to modernize services and make users involved in transformation. With a 100% Microsoft environment based on the AZURE cloud and Office 365, AccorInvest relies on the availability of its data, simplified management of its systems and the scalability of its services.
The new philosophy is summed up by the words of Arnaud Patat, VP Digital, Construction – Innovation of AccorInvest: “think service and not server“.
With an allocated workforce in more than 26 countries, facilitating collaboration and communication between teams were key issues for the group. By choosing the Mozzaik365 portal solution, published by Infeeny, AccorInvest allows each team, business or even hotel, to find its information and become autonomous in the publication of its contents and the management of its intranet pages. This solution unites SharePoint and Teams in a true Digital Workplace.

Putting agility back at the heart of safety

Together, AccorInvest and Infeeny have redesigned the entire security strategy. By positioning the employee at the heart of the requirements, the group moves from a “strong castle” security model to a model based on the user’s identity. This approach offers multiple advantages, such as a simplicity of connection, an environment accessible from any network, a permanent availability of all its data… It is the whole digital system that now moves with the collaborator. For example, with the Office 365 solution, the landline phone has definitely integrated the computer to become mobile.
Infeeny and Econocom were able to simultaneously deploy the new workstation in the group’s 26 countries using the Windows Autopilot solution. They manage the evolution of this environment with the Intune solution and provide the internationally managed service. This modernization brings great agility in the management of IS on a daily basis.
Frédéric Gruaz, Managing Director at Infeeny explains the conditions for this success:
We arrived perfectly prepared and this was a decisive element to achieve a project of this magnitude in 5 months. This reveals the quality and completeness of the infeeny offer by Econocom.

Bringing out new digital uses

After some initial fears about changing their environment, teams are already seeing the benefits. The new digital uses have already become entrenched in everyday life and the collaboration between the teams is getting stronger every day. Arnaud Patat assures: “No user wants to go back or find the previous environment!” ».

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