Corporate / Press Release Ethics Charter: AccorInvest is committed to positive, responsible hospitality

Ethics Charter: AccorInvest is committed to positive, responsible hospitality

As part of its ESG strategy – which integrates environmental, social and governance criteria in all of its activities – AccorInvest publishes its Ethics Charter today. This reference document is intended to inspire decisions and guide the actions carried out by the Group’s employees and stakeholders. It sets the ethical rules to be adopted by all, in order to promote everyone’s contribution to AccorInvest’s commitments: act responsibly, respect people and the environment, and provide positive hospitality.

As hotel owner, investor and operator, with a presence in 27 countries and 23,000 employees, AccorInvest is strongly committed to conduct its business in a responsible manner, in compliance with local laws and regulations and with the highest ethical standards.
To achieve this, the Group is making its approach accessible to all of its stakeholders, and is thereby promoting a strong ethical culture. Such is the role of the Ethics Charter, a genuine code of conduct which formalizes the principles and rules applicable to all stakeholders, regardless of their function, in the day-to-day exercise of their profession.
Integrity, transparency, the fight against corruption, social and environmental responsibility, and respect for individuals are fundamental Group values in the conduct of its business.

Respect the rules of business life
Compliance with trade rules is a major component of AccorInvest’s ethical commitments. The Group applies a strict policy of transparency and fights all forms of corruption through its anti-corruption Code of Conduct. These measures also extend to the fight against money laundering and the so-called “gifts” policy.

AccorInvest is also committed to protect assets and data with respect to its employees and third parties: prevention and management of conflicts of interest, protection of intellectual property rights, protection of personal data, security of information systems, etc.

Respect the environment
AccorInvest is strongly committed to contribute to the development of a business model in which economic performance takes environmental issues into account. Respect for the environment is therefore at the heart of the Group’s ESG Policy. In line with the Paris Agreement, the Group aims to reduce its environmental impact in all of its activities.

Four “action focus” areas have been identified: develop a global strategy to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint, implement an environment management system to obtain the certification of its hotels, deploy a circular approach in all of its activities to limit waste, and promote the responsible use of resources, from design to operations.

Respect people and establish fair relationships with stakeholders
As employer, AccorInvest must be exemplary and irreproachable in its relations with its employees. The Ethics Charter is therefore based on the Group’s Social Charter, which details the fundamental social principles which drive this relationship and specifies the actions taken in favor of employees in terms of social dialogue, employability, compensation policy, private/ professional life balance, diversity and fight against violence in the workplace.

Respect for people also means that AccorInvest must ensure that the practices of its partners and suppliers comply with the Group’s ethical, social and environmental commitments, as detailed in its Responsible Procurement Charter.

Furthermore, AccorInvest is more than ever committed to offer its guests a high-quality welcome, in particular by preventing any health and safety risk, and by providing sustainable, inclusive services – this approach extends to the local communities in which the Group’s hotels are naturally rooted because of their activities. All of these principles and commitments are detailed in the ESG Policy.

Ensure the commitments are embedded in the Group’s day-to-day activities
The Ethics Charter commitments are deployed and implemented in the framework of the Group’s Compliance Program, its ESG strategy and its Social strategy. An Ethics Committee ensures that the commitments are respected and shares the results of its work with the Executive Committee.
Ethics is everyone’s business. As a result, one of the major levers to effectively implement the Ethics Charter principles is to increase employee awareness and training. Managers also play a key role in informing their teams and promoting the commitments with them. In addition, an online alert system enables employees to report, anonymously, a situation or behavior that goes against the principles set out in the Charter.

The Ethics Charter is central to AccorInvest’s ESG strategy. The principles it embodies must guide us as we pursue our ambition of responsible growth. They give meaning to the daily practice of our businesses. This is why it is essential that each and every one of our employees integrate it and bring it to life in our activities as investor, owner and hotel operator,” concludes Jairo Gonzalez, Group General Counsel of AccorInvest.

About AccorInvest
AccorInvest owns and operates a portfolio of more than 820 owned and leased hotels, located in 27 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
The Group consolidates and adds value to its real estate portfolio through hotel acquisitions, renovations, and developments in Europe in the economy and midscale segments.
Building on a long-term partnership with Accor, manager and owner of world-renowned brands such as Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, etc. AccorInvest benefits from its expertise in the hospitality sector. This privileged partnership ensures the operational excellence, the attractiveness of its hotels and customer satisfaction.

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