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Jo&Joe Gentilly is the first hotel certified BBCA

Last December 3rd was the 4th BBCA Forum at Pavillon de L’Arsenal in Paris. AccorInvest has been awarded with the definitive BBCA label for Jo&Joe Paris Gentilly after having it in 2017 for the conception phase.

The BBCA label rewards the excellence in term of carbon footprint link with the building construction (its components), its exploitation (water and energy consumption), the carbon storage ( bio sourced materials set up : Jo&Joe wood structure and facade) and circular economy integration (products, building mutuality…)
This project is the opportunity for AccorInvest to claim its engagement in carbon footprint reduction in its hotel portfolio.
“And it’s only the beginning!” As John Ozinga, AccorInvest CEO, reminded us during the project presentation: « The construction of this first Jo&Joe address in Paris is a necessary step to allow our buildings to become low carbon buildings. As hotels investor and owner, our ambition is a reasoned construction and operation of our hotel properties to reduce our carbon footprint during all their life cycle. »».

BBCA Label

It’s a label created by the Association for Low carbon Building Development (BBCA). This label certifies the building exemplarity in terms of carbon footprint. It can be given to new construction or renovated buildings. This label promotes all low carbon actions : construction, operation, carbon storage and circular economy. It demonstrates the companies engagement in low carbon transition, promote buildings performance while displaying BBCA logo, benefit from communication support of the association, measure its carbon footprint on all the life circle and attest of its performance thanks to the BBCA score.

Sequence of the ceremony

This forum has been introduced by Stanislas Pottier, BBCA Association President and Emmanuelle Wargon, Secretary of States nearby the minister of ecological and solidary transition, which has emphasized the importance of finding solutions with the help of private companies and Housing Ministry to reduce our carbon footprint in the construction sector. Indeed, in France, the building sector is the first cause of greenhouse gas emissions on equal terms with transports. A speech to make realize the issues we will face ending with a positive note indicating that solutions are possible as shown by the big companies driven projects during this forum.
Since its creation in 2015, the Association face major issues which are to push solutions not only in construction materials. Indeed, according to Fabrice Bonnifet Director of Sustainable Development & Quality, Security, Environment for Bouygues Group : « Low carbon initiatives follow two levers. The first is of course to learn to do without concrete by preferring biosourced materials such as wood or raw earth. The second is in the intensity of use : for each building, it would be necessary to designate primary users and secondary ones who could occupy the place in the absence of the principal ones. The aim is to build less and in a better way. To this, we add the fact to focus more on renovation than constructions as well as the questions of building and electromobility convergence. To remain the reference label, BBCA have to integrate all these criteria in the future. »
In AccorInvest side, this labelling has been accessible thanks to Olivier Delgrange, Jo&Joe Paris Gentilly Project Director who guaranteed the strict criteria application all along the project to obtain the label ; Didier Scohier, BBCA & HQE referent, in charge of internal promotion of labels & certification and who was part of the origin of BBCA label with the Association,; and finally, Cyril Vanhoutte, Hotel Technical Manager which guarantee the hotel controlled exploitation.

e are not going to stop with this project, AccorInvest targets the obtention of BBCA label for the next Jo&Joe Orly.

The JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

Driven by AccorInvest, it’s the most innovative construction project. It is a 3 years development project and 18 months of construction works. The hotel has 9 floors including 7 with a solid wooden CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) structure, 6500m² built area and 400m2 of garden. The Joe&Joe received the BBCA label in 2017 for the conception phase respecting 4 requirements : reasoned construction, controlled exploitation, carbon storage et circular economy.


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