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A solution to the business problems of an hotel operator

At the end of September, Arnaud Patat, SVP Digital, Construction & Innovation of AccorInvest, was invited to the set of BFM Business (french media) on the program “Le tête à tête Décideurs”. With Patrick Fichou, CEO of HXperience, he explained how this concept of building digitalisation make it possible to collect, analyse and leverage data from buildings, in order to optimise the way they operate and are used.

The Internet of Things market is experiencing sharp growth and impacts all activity sectors. The building industry is lagging behind its with just 2% of buildings connected currently. In this sector, digitalisation will affect all fields, from construction to resident services, including operation and maintenance, which accounts for 75% of a building’s Total Cost of Ownership during a lifetime of approximately 50 years. The stakes in terms of economy and services are therefore considerable, as a building’s value will be increasingly linked to services delivered within. Cheaper sensors, the setting up of LorA or Sigfox type low-power networks, and the power of the Cloud, which can process and analyse millions of data items more cheaply, will speed up building digitalisation. These factors are responding to economic, health and environmental challenges, as well as human ones.

Smart hotels

AccorInvest is keen to minimise the carbon footprint of its hotels and optimise their operational efficiency. Connected objects, a technically reliable and financially affordable solution, will help to reduce water and energy consumption, guarantee service quality and anticipate changing customer needs in hotels. These new, innovative technological solutions help to transform and enhance operational and maintenance roles in the hospitality industry. HXperience has developed SMATI, a software which collects, analyses and leverages building data. The SMATI Smart Building solution addresses buildings’ issues surrounding critical equipment maintenance, carbon footprint reduction, space management and occupant comfort. Successfully rolled out at AccorInvest, SMATI constitutes a solution to the various business-related challenges faced by hospitality operators. SMATI can be used to improve operational efficiency, with considerable return on investment rates. Lastly, the artificial intelligence capabilities within SMATI make it easier to implement innovative, high value added services.


To know more, watch the video of Arnaud Patat’s interview:

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