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In the framework of its ESG Strategy, AccorInvest has decided to implement a Corporate Volunteering Program in partnership with Vendredi, the social start-up that allows employees to engage with society during their working time.

Also known as skills sponsorship, corporate volunteering consists on making the employees’ working time available for the benefit of a project of general interest. The company decides how much time it allocates to each employee, and employees choose whether to invest this time for one or more causes, or not at all.

A win-win initiative!

Corporate volunteering has numerous benefits for all the parties involved.
For the associations, volunteers are necessary daily resources. They bring new skills, specific knowledge, not to mention enthusiasm and energy. Volunteer employees can also become excellent ambassadors for the associations looking for new partnerships and financial support.

More than ever, companies have a responsibility towards society. Being strongly committed to communities and associations is essential for their image. Corporate volunteering helps to strengthen the company’s attractiveness. It is a strong lever for its employer brand both for attracting new talents and for retaining employees.

For employees, the benefits of corporate volunteering are also numerous: professional development, finding meaning by dedicating time to a cause, diversifying their experiences throughout their career, strengthening their employability, and developing soft skills such as empathy, teamwork, flexibility and agility.

Finally, volunteering strengthens civic engagement, protects social inclusion, reinforces solidarity, and contributes to sustainable development.

An approach at the core of our ESG strategy

All these reasons have motivated the launching of AccorInvest first volunteering program. This program is at the heart of the group ESG strategy and covers three of its nineteen challenges:

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