ESG / News AccorInvest first ESG Challenge

From September 18th to October 8th, 2021, AccorInvest reverberated to the rhythm of our very first ESG Challenge. More than 300 employees from all headquarters joined the dedicated Teams group to share their photos, best practices and initiatives.

The ESG Challenge aimed to mobilize us, as AccorInvest employees and citizens, to carry out simple daily actions which positively impact our society. Because – and we will never say this enough – small actions together do achieve big results!

During two full weeks, over 300 participants took up the challenges proposed on 13 challenge cards, which addressed different topics of our ESG strategy. Next step : now to make a collective commitment throughout our headquarters and hotels, to eliminate single-use plastics, reduce waste, consume water and energy more responsibly, limit food waste, favor local purchases and circular economy… In total, our ESG strategy comprises 19 challenges.

ESG : AccorInvest’s driving force

Our ESG policy is at the heart of AccorInvest’s global strategy and transformation plan. It is even the driving force behind all of our activities. During the ESG Challenge, we took up challenges as individuals: our individual efforts must now guide our commitment at collective level, to create a positive social impact and reduce our impact on the environment. Over the next few years, we will deploy our ESG roadmap throughout our headquarters and hotels to: promote a positive hospitality. Our ambition is to make AccorInvest a referent on ESG issues.

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